Keratin Hair Extensions with keratin capsules by Ivana Farisei London

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Thin tails lose to a lush "wave". Hair loss due to illness, the scars on the head after an accident spoil your look. Polluted air, water, products have a bad effect on the condition of the hair. Are you jealous of Hollywood "stars"? With Ivana Farisei, you can have long, volume, charming head of hair.

Is it possible to get an excellent result using a product of medium or lower quality? Never! Keratin hair extensions with keratin capsules implies the initial use of premium quality components.

What undemanding specialists work with?!

Indian, African and Brazilian raw materials are cut, hard strands of a dark shade. And if they do not have a smooth structure, then they turn out to be curled by nature into tight rings. The method of collection in some countries is far from perfect: cut hair is thrown into bags, then they are packed, weighed and sent to factories to create strands for extension.

To get more fashionable blonde hair, they take the dark equivalent and chemically strip it of its natural pigment. As a result, the raw material turns out to be over-dried, with a broken structure. When one strand of hair is laid with different directions of scales, then such material will later become very tangled, forming an untidy cloud on the head. It’s very difficult to comb without loss.

Priority selection

- Hair from Ukraine and Russia has many colour varieties. Light brown, honey, golden, wheat, chestnut, red, sand and other shades form a rich palette that allows you to choose the exact shade to match the color of the client's hair.

- In most cases, they are thin, sometimes of medium thickness, soft, beautifully scattered in waves over the shoulders. Combing is performed several times to remove shortened hairs, remove elements with visible damage, and beautifully align the cut before bonding.

- They have a natural shine, so they do not need to be covered with water-washed silicone.

- By texture, they are straight and slightly wavy. Raw materials with strong curliness are practically absent.

- Remi strands are considered the best and cannot be found at a reduced price. The material implies that their owners have retained their natural color, did not do chemical curls. Children's hair is very popular, because the growing body requires vitamins and microelements, which parents try to give in full.

- The hair strands made for hair extensions are taken from the same owner. Each of them is laid in the right direction, so that the scales are aligned. This prevents them from tangling and pulling in the process of wearing.

How Ukrainian, Russian Slavic hair is "worn"

1. They visually "grow together" with native strands, with proper care and timely correction, they do not cause any trouble at all, pleasing with an excellent view.

2. The color remains stable, there is no dullness even after washing your hair several times.

3. This material is called Exclusive Gold, meaning the highest degree of hair quality. They can be extended several times without changing the source material (for hair of other "origin", repeated use is recommended no more than 2 times).

4. Extended hair can be dyed, also use of thermal procedures to create a hairstyle is allowed. But this should be done very carefully, so as not to damage the connection of native and donor hair.

Choosing a capsule technology in London

Professionals trust Italian keratin. Its composition does not have a harmful effect on the skin of the head, as it has a protein structure similar to that contained in the hair. Capsules create the conditions for strong fixation of the donor strands. The hot method of Bonding hair extensions allows you to apply for correction no earlier than in 2.5-3 months. You can visit the pool, go to the sea, and do sports, not forgetting about the special care for hair extensions.