Hair polishing

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Over the course of a person's life, the vegetation on the head imperceptibly "changes" more than 20 times. In the course of ageing, the porosity of hair increases and its density decreases. The ends retain less moisture, because they are farthest from the roots. This is especially noticeable on long, loose locks.

Hair Polishing treatment, as the owner of the extension studio Ivana Farisei notes, gives the strands a complete and well-groomed look. During 1-3 years, there is an active growth, after which the follicle sinks deeper, ceasing to lengthen the hair shaft. The hair remains in a stable dormant state for the next quarter of a year, and then it falls out.

Dry ends are formed quite quickly after chemical and thermal manipulations with the hair. They are lightened and clearly visible on the surface of the hairstyle, which means that they add a negative note to the chic ladies ' LOOK.

How the procedure works

Hair polishing in London is carried out with the help of a profile nozzle fixed on a clipper. First, the client's head is well washed, the hair is dried and divided into strands. Hairdressing tool grab a few dozen hairs from the back of the head, hold up to 4 times upward and then downward. In the course of work, 0,40-0,80" of ends are cut off, and the hair becomes smooth and uniform in colour.

I would like to warn those who want to independently correct the condition of the lower part of the strands. You will not be able to hold the device correctly, observing the desired angle of cut. Entrusting your head to your friend is not the best option, especially if you do not know exactly how she reacts to your feminine beauty in reality. And with the wrong actions, the result will be different than expected. You will have to consult a specialist, but the ends will be cut twice.


1. You do not need to perform a corrective haircut: the nozzle removes up to 90% of split ends.

2. Removing damaged ends improves hair breathing, makes it easier to comb your strands even after six months.

3. The hairstyle looks well-groomed and stylish. The hair gets a silky smoothness, which is especially noticeable with long strands.

To whom the service is recommended

A person of any age can come to the hair polishing procedure.

- People who are regularly involved in styling their own hair and drying it in hot blow drying mode especially need this procedure.

- It is easy to make good hair look unkempt if it falls into the hands of a bad specialist. For example, he can burn the hair when colouring, or can will not consider timing of applied chemicals during perming.

The only thing that will disappoint a little is the reduction in the volume of the hairstyle. Raised tips imperceptibly form a lusher mass on the head, and after removing them, the hair gets additional smoothness.

Audience for whom I wouldn't advise doing hair polishing.

I always set a goal in my work to really help my clients. Therefore, I warn those who may get harm rather than benefit from the service.

People with very thin, dry, sparse and weak strands of hair should refuse polishing. In these cases, there may be additional hair loss as a result of a slight pulling of the machine. And if they are a thin, translucent cloud above your head, then there will be a skin flare that you can't cover with your own strands.

For very curly hair, polishing will not give the expected result, because the ends are curled into rings.

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