Hair Extensions for short hair

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Girls are fickle: they like it when their hair falls to waist level, then they want a fashion haircut with a hair length of about 2". If you are a fan of frequent experiments with your LOOK, then in a couple of months you will want to make changes again and, in this case, the procedure - hair extensions for a short hair by Ivana Farisei rushes to the rescue. But what happens if you have a cropped square or a hairdressing masterpiece with a shaved nape? Even short temples impose restrictions on getting a new look. And when you've had an unfortunate haircut and no further adjustment is possible, then you want to get your hair back to its former state. But how?

Keratin Bonded Hair extensions for short haircuts have become quite a popular problem. First, a method of micro capsular hair extension was developed, which allows manipulations with strands of 2". Then the Extend Magic was invented, which is enough to use 1" of hair. The pinnacle of excellence was the use of the Dream Hair technique: it is suitable for hair with a length of 0,40".

Know what you can get in London

Approach your desire wisely. A short haircut eliminates the possibility of wearing your hair down to your waist. You can add another 4-6" to your own curls of 2" in length, and if your native hair is shoulder-length, you can count on a chic addition to the waist.

Why can't you use donor material half a meter long for a short haircut? The encapsulated material is fixed to the native hair of the same width. Hair extensions become heavier when washed. Fixed on a short base, they begin to pull down the native hair damaging the follicle. As a result, the roots weaken, hair loss increases. Therefore, the master first visually assesses the condition of the client's strands, and then decides how thick your Bond hair extensions can get.

Always be beautiful

For those who like to combine coloured hair with natural hair: to visually hide the place of transition to the new length, the microcapsule is selected to match the shade of the added hair. The place of attachment will not stand out, making the colouring more natural.

For those who is not ready to wait until the hair grows back for a new hairstyle, I advise you to make a micro bonded hair extensions for a short haircut. In the process of wearing donor strands, your hair will grow back and be ready for new feminine improvements! What are you risking by refusing this offer? Not getting compliments from others and seeing admiration in the eyes of a loved one.