Keratin treatment - hair straightening

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One of the problems of owners of wavy hair is the natural "shagginess" (when the shape of the hairstyle resembles a cloud) and protruding tips. And so, we want symmetry, evenness of styling and beautifully curly ends of strands! The situation is fixable, because the world is presented with Germany development.

Many people have heard about keratin treatment - hair straightening in London. But there is also a lot of fake information on the Internet, which is misleading, describing non-existent shortcomings.

Let's find out the truth

Split and weak hair immediately reveals problems with its nutrition and saturation. Perhaps you went too far with a perm, unprofessional colouring, or had your head exposed to the sun for several months and salt water.

There are times when the condition of the hair is good, but the frizz simply deprives you of a good mood. As if there is a device nearby that generates static electricity! The strands do not want to be styled, no matter how much you brush them or use the curling iron. Everything is fixable with the help of a nourishing natural composition…

Keratin is a type of protein formed by amino acids. I use a German product which has an acceptable amount of formaldehyde. Their presence is easily detected by the smell during heat treatment of the hair (performed in order to form disulfide bonds that affect the strength and fullness of the hair).

It is impossible to saturate the hair with "building material". This depends on the degree of hair porosity and the possibility of absorption. Excess hair will not absorb too much, and the remains will evaporate during soldering.

Listen carefully so that you don't miss important details

For those who wash their hair daily, it is advisable to wait 2-3 days. During this period, do not braid tight braids, do not wear a ponytail or a shell hairstyle, and avoid elastic bands.

If you intend to dye your hair, do it 2 weeks before the procedure or wait 2 weeks after hair restoration. During this time, the product will fully work.

You will get a double result: hair straightening (except for excessively curly) and nutrition. The harmlessness of the procedure allows it to be repeated, in addition, it has a cumulative result.

How the procedure works

* The hair is washed twice with a super-deep cleansing shampoo with a pH of 8.5. Its primary function is to remove surface oil, remnants of lacquers, gels, preserved on the hair. The second function is to deeply open the cuticle, where the regenerating protein product will subsequently be placed.

* The hair is slightly dried. The composition is applied to the strands at a distance of 0,40" from the roots. When the entire head is treated, the master uses a hair dryer to finally dry the surface of the hair.

* After filling the strands with keratin, you need to close the entrance to the cuticles. This is done by a Curling iron with a tourmaline coating. They preserve the natural balance of moisture and help the hair to preserve the resulting protein. To treat the hair, you need to walk along each thin strand with the sliding planes of the forceps up to 10 times (the number of times is controlled by a specialist, otherwise there is a risk of hair damage) .

The result

You will immediately appreciate how much your hair has changed for the better. The hair becomes neater in appearance, the split ends disappear, and a sufficient density of strands is formed. Now you will spend much less time in front of the mirror, because the fluffed tips have finally become obedient.

Sealed keratin is located inside the hair, it functions for at least 3-4 months. After a few procedures, you will forget about the fading and unkempt strands. Going outside when it’s raining, you will stop worrying about curling curls, which previously always returned to their original state, despite the preliminary stretching with an iron.

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