Re-bonding Hair Extensions with keratin capsules

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Hair extension is not a one-time process. First you enjoy the lush hair, exciting men's imagination, then get used to this daily beauty. To maintain the strands in excellent condition, you need to make re-bonding hair extensions with keratin capsules – a periodic restoration of the height of fixation and proper care.

With the Italian method of extensions, 2-3 months pass – and the points of fastening the hair fall lower. You should contact your master, as you need a re-bonding keratin extensions. You will need to soften the joints, remove the donor strands, remove your own hairs that have fallen out during this time and repeat the lengthening procedure again.

The following steps are performed during the procedure:

I immediately give an answer to the question why correction of hair extensions in London is not cheap. The hairdresser has to perform many operations, which I will list below.

1. The remover is sprayed on the capsules, which helps to soften the organic composition.

2. Forceps compress keratin elements to break their integrity and quickly remove the donor strands released from the fixing clip.

3. Putting your own hair in order. This includes the removal of residues of the adhesive product, fallen hairs.

4. The strands for hair extensions are re-tipped, thus being prepared for the next use. A small portion of keratin is taken, warmed up and attached to the end of the donor hair that has been cleaned of the previous material. If you want to speed up the process and spend less time in the salon, I recommend that you initially purchase 2 sets: one will be used for initial application, and the second will be ready for operational correction.

The client's own hair is well washed with a degreasing shampoo to remove all dirt and skin fat. Then the strands are dried and straightened as much as possible along the length with the help of a thermal iron. The master looks at whether you need strengthening therapy for your own hair. If everything is fine, then you can perform the second hair extension with keratin bonding.

What you need to pay attention to

• Extensions that have "moved down" from the root zone cause discomfort in wearing. It becomes more difficult to keep your hair in order. Delaying the correction period leads to an unkempt Look as a result of the appearance of tangles under the upper layer of hair.

• Timely re-tipping of the donor material will prevent irreversible deterioration of its quality (the same Slavic strands can be used again within a year).

• The cost of a repeat visit directly depends on the amount of material being built up, the speed of work and the time spent. It takes 40-60 minutes to remove the strands for re-capsulation. It takes 2 to 4 hours to renew keratin and re-place the used hair.

• Part of the capsule is cut in the prepared material, then it is heated and fixed with forceps. For the process to go smoothly, the hairdresser divides the curls into segments from the temporal, occipital and upper part of the head. A cavity under the back of the head presents a certain difficulty. Split ends are convenient to level with a hot razor.

Keratin capsules hair extensions are a time-consuming and complex process. There are quite a lot of videos showing how to perform it. Only the master's personal experience will help him feel confident and provide the desired quality of work. Ivana Farisei knows how to achieve the best result with any thickness and length of clients' hair.