Slavic hair for Hair Extensions: Ukraine, Russia

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To have the best is the desire of each of us. And when it comes to the appearance of a girl, then she is ready for a lot. The beauty industry annually offers a variety of solutions the best of them - Slavic hair: Ukraine, Russia, so that the fairer sex can keep their attractiveness and youth longer, conquer their appearance, shine on the life podium.

I can say without reservation: there are 2 important aspects in the process of hair extensions. The first is the choice of material. Slavic hair (Ukraine, Russia) is the best solution for our ladies in London. Lengthening the hair brings the girl closer to the standards of Hollywood beauties, and also solves problems with uneven growth and low density of her own hair mass.


Slavic hair from Ukraine and Russia is suitable for any method of extension, of which there are more than a dozen. I use the hot attachment method, which is performed using keratin capsules. In terms of composition, they are similar to nails, so they are completely harmless to humans. Gentle thermal mode prevents from burning the tips, and proper care moisturizes and nourishes the scalp.

The extension is performed using 50-300 strands. The shorter your own hairstyle, the more material you need. You can add hair at the temples, in the frontal part, on the back of the head or evenly over the entire head. If you want to create a contrast, choose coloured strands.

Microcapsule technology is an absolute peace of mind for clients. If earlier many people were worried about "what if a loved one tactilely feels some suspicious elements in the hair or other people see the source of the magic transformation of hair", then today you do not need to worry about it. Capsules the size of a grain of rice can be seen if you specifically focus on this or create a hairstyle that opens the root zone of the head.

High value

1. Look at the strands cut from the donor - you can see their shine, density and silkiness. This suggests that the person that nourished and took good care of the hair, allowing them to show their best properties. The special softness inherent in the hair eliminates discomfort and contributes to a good, even styling on the back. It looks luxurious and pleases its owner for months.

2. Straight, wavy and curly, the curls are matched to the texture of the client's hair. If necessary, dying is performed, because everything should turn out perfectly!

3. Virgin curls and strands have the highest demand worldwide. Clients from America, Australia, and the Netherlands are ready to wait for the delivery of goods to have Slavic strands brought to them. They understand that it will be quite expensive, but do not agree to mediocre analogues.

4. Russian hair has no silicone. High-quality raw materials have good external characteristics. Silicone is used for lower-grade hair to give it a decent look. But after 1-2 washes, the coating is washed off, exposing the true appearance of the extended strands. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to change anything at this time. Therefore, I always advise customers on VIP goods that will not let you down. It is in this rank that Slavic hair is raised.

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