Bonded Hair extensions with the "cascade" effect

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So that every morning the hairstyle is in order, the girls get up early, wash their hair, dry it and style it. Otherwise, the hairstyle will be rumpled, without the desired volume. Similarly, they do with hair extensions.

Many girls order a classic lengthening with donor material, in which the strands are the same length and fit evenly on the back. I propose to consider in detail the hair extension with the effect of "cascade". This will add playfulness, coquetry to the loose curls and beautifully outline the oval of the face.

The hair transformation option involves creating shortened strands in the front of the hairstyle with an extension to the occipital segment. A smooth waterfall of hair gently falls down, starting from the back of the head. First of all, we will increase the short areas of the hairstyle, then move on to long, natural strands. At the end of the work, we will deal with the adjustment and elimination of obvious length transition zones.

Advantages of keratin hair extensions with the "cascade" effect

1. It is well suited for a short haircut, allowing you to transform from a boyish look into a feminine one.

2. Provides additional luxuriance to the hair.

3. Simulates natural curling of the ends.

4. It helps to hide some facial defects, namely, excessive roundness, protruding ears, places of skin tension as a result of plastic surgery, scars on the side and back of the neck.

5. For this hairstyle, prolonged styling is not recommended .

What can I offer my clients?

The most common "cascade" in London is when the ends of the strands are slightly curled inward. However, you can implement the idea with external curling, as well as create a "fox tail" from behind, which implies narrowing of the hair mass.

I know how to get a natural look of a hairstyle and know how to correctly shape the created silhouette. In this case, the donor strands will not differ in color from the client's hair, and the fixation points will be invisible to prying eyes.

Some girls are concerned about the following question: if the hair is increased and adjusted to the "cascade", then will the hairstyle after their final removal be torn, untidy? It all depends on how the strands are cut. To make the transition initially invisible, the hair is tapered.

Remember that the Keratin Bond hair extensions for short hair impose restrictions on put-up hairstyles. This eliminates the visibility of the junction of native and donor strands, and also prevents the occurrence of creases and loss of your own hair.

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