Highlighted Keratin Bonded hair extensions

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For fans of monochrome and classic solutions, Keratin capsule bonded hair extensions are quite suitable. But when you want something creative, I suggest you choose highlighted hair extensions.

Neat hair extensions in the case when your hair is highlighted

Vertical lightening can be of different types. It can be done:

- In large strands, along the entire length of the hair. Here you can suggest using the donor material of 2-4 shades matched by colour, so as not to cause disharmony;

- Narrow strands are highlighted, as a result of which the ends of the hair acquire a uniform appearance. You should avoid several color variations, and focus on the tone of the ends;

- When your own hair is not coloured, but you want to add some colour to the extensions, then first the length is added using the material of the selected shades, and at the end the native hair is highlighted.

Change your image for a few months, show up with beautiful, long hair at the party, transforming your previous length! This advice is especially useful when your own hair looks a little dull or you want something "with a twist". With my help, you will look brighter, more impressive.

Advantages of the proposed method in London.

1. Colour extensions are suitable for those who want to save their hair from changing colour. It is shown to girls who often use a thermal tool that helps in styling and hair straightening.

2. I only work with quality products. You don't have to worry that the colour shade will change after several washes. The colouring process is of high quality.

3. Highlighting is performed over the entire head or on the desired areas. If we are talking about adding several strands, we will spend 30-40 minutes on this.

4. Do you desire to attach contrasting strands? The perfect solution! They definitely won't colour each other the first-time water hits them. The original shades are preserved.

5.Any highlighted strands are added to the native hair color: pink, purple, green, blue (for girls with a special perception of beauty), as well as reddish, ashy, pearl, chocolate (for lovers of more traditional solutions).

I, Ivana Farisei, a certified specialist, want to warn you in advance that any extension, including a highlighted one, should be performed on healthy hair. First, we must cure the strands that are prone to abundant hair loss, and only after that we increase the length with donor material.